Bright Futures Learning Center


Q.) Will there be “actual learning” at the center?

A.) Yes, we will follow the Santa Rosa County school calendar for instruction days. Every day, each class will have three hours of instruction from 8-11 am. The instruction will include alphabet, numbers, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and bible lessons. Our curriculum will be Horizons Preschool and K4 programs and specifically target appropriate developmental areas. On non-school days there will also be learning activities as well as during the summer, it will simply be less structured learning during those times.

Q.) Is our center accredited?

A.) Yes, we are accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International. All of our employees will have a level 2 federal and state background screening. Our center director and all lead teachers are first aid and infant and child CPR certified.

Q.) What are the hours of operation?

A.) We will be open from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. We will be closed on all holidays (a specific list of days will be provided upon enrollment.)

Q.) What are the prices going to be?

A.)        Full Week (3 or more days) – $90

Part Time (2 days a week) – $60

Daily Rate (1 day) – $30

Full Instructional Week (8-11, M-F, No Holidays, No summer Care) – $60

Q.) Are there any other fees or expenses?

A.) There will be a $15 registration fee per family, per year. There will also be a late fee if children are picked up past 6:00 pm. Tuition is due on Monday of each week, if tuition is not paid by Friday, a late fee will be applied.

Q.) Do you have a multi child discount?

A.) Yes, we have a multi child discount for the learning center, as well as the afterschool program. See Registration packet for more details.

Q.) Are meals going to be served and included in the price of tuition?

A.) We will provide a morning snack at 9:30 am, an afternoon snack at 2:30 pm, and a late afternoon snack at 5:00 pm. Parents will be responsible for providing a packed lunch for each child.

Q.) Will you have drop-in care?

A.) We will have drop in care on a space available basis.

Q.)What are the teacher to child ratios?

A.)       2 year old class- 11 children to one teacher

3 year old class- 15 children to one teacher

4 year old class- 20 children to one teacher

(In order for students to receive quality instruction, we have decided to have a      maximum of 15 children in any one classroom.)

Q.) What is your sick child policy?

A.) Children will be sent home for fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. They must remain out of care for 24 hours. Coughs, rashes, and nasal discharge will be evaluated and sent home as needed. In the event of lice, children will be sent home immediately and will not be allowed back into care unless all signs of lice and nits are gone.